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To deficate on a glass table while someone watches from below.
She squatted out a hot steamy Pittsburgh Platter for me
by Anonymous February 13, 2003
a sexual act where a person poops on top of a glass table with another person lying underneath, watching. similar to the cleveland steamer but it requires less clean up.
that trick paid me 300 dollars for a pittsburgh platter but i was so full of h i could only pop out some rabbit turds

i love watching my woman prepare a pittsburgh platter.
by mufasasteamer December 28, 2007
To deficate on a cookie sheet, place in the oven and broil. Usually done when a roommate is getting "lucky" and you are not. Note: using Pam turns it into the Baltimore Broil.
Damn, Tom is getting laid again. Hand me the cookie sheet, it's time to Pittsbugh platter that jerk!
by Johnny Feltersnatch October 30, 2003
A Pittsburgh Platter is a steaming load of shit dumped off on a man's chest by a woman or man, whatever the preference may be.
Dude! She gave him a Pittsburgh Platter! That shit's so gross!
by JManDC August 29, 2007
to take a shit on your partner after engaging in anal sex
After I railed my girl friend in her ass, I dropped a nice Pittsburgh Platter on her chest
by Hot dog Bunning April 23, 2005
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