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A retarded individual whose brain is made up of at least 75% stale urine, which adversely affects his/her ability to interact appropriately with normal people. Most frequently encountered while driving on the public highway (or more usually cycling), but not limited to this. Pisswits are found on all continents and in all walks of life.
1.That's the 10th pisswit I've seen going through a red light on it's bike this morning, and I've only been out 5 minutes.
2.Don't go near Kieran, his breath stinks, and he's a bug-eyed moron: no, actually he's worse than a moron, he's a pisswit!
3. I was going to shag Jackie, but as soon as she opened her mouth I realised just what a pisswit she is, so she can go and fuck herself!
#knobhead #dickwad #cyclist #arsehole #moron #wanker
by Dick Shunairy Jim October 24, 2012
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