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A condition of being extreamly pissed off.
Man that guy is in a state of pissedoffedness that I have never seen before.
by Olario May 01, 2005
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A ratio of being pissed off and being offended at any given time: A measurement of the anger you feel toward people, things, or events at a specific moment.
1. "My pissed-offedness cranked up after the waiter came outside to say we didn't tip him."

2. "It gave me a feeling of pissed-offedness."

3. "That goat fuck niggerriggery is not helping my pissed-offedness."

by SchizoFranticClown December 12, 2008
7 0
degree or level of irritation or to which one is pissed.
No matter your level of pissed-offedness screaming will not fix the problem
by Maddison Knox November 13, 2008
5 0
The state of being pissed off.
Sorry bro, I didnt mean to interrupt your pissed offedness.
by achaeon May 30, 2010
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OZ has no concept of the English Language he decided to create his own words
So if someone is pissed at me PM me and tell me how we can go about putting the pissedoffedness behind us
by AJUSF16 March 12, 2008
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