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Hopefully this hasen't happened to anybody out there if so then you have my deepest sympathy. This happenes when you are eating out a girl and right in the middle of it she queefs right in your face. (Usually causing you to throw up everywhere)
Man did you hear about Steve? He got a Miami Breeze from his girlfriend.
by Olario May 02, 2005
A condition of being extreamly pissed off.
Man that guy is in a state of pissedoffedness that I have never seen before.
by Olario May 01, 2005
A condition occuring when a dildo is inserted into an anus and twisted in a rapid circular motion.
Last night this girl seemed to get more satisfaction from her dildo collection than me so I gave her an Indiana Twister.
by Olario May 01, 2005
when a girl is giving you oral sex and you cum in her mouth. Then you make out afterwords and she puts it in your mouth and then you spit it in her face.
I was making out with this girl after she gave me head and she put it in my mouth so I gave her a Wabash Lugey
by Olario May 01, 2005
A sick fetish where someone lights fire to a dead animal and then has sex with it.
This guy is messed up. He is a pyronecrofelibeastialitist
by Olario May 02, 2005
A random group of letters that you though was an actual word that you just wasted your time looking up.
Man I can't believe I wasted my time looking up fukkenmena!
by Olario May 01, 2005
Pretty much whatever usuage you can come up with.
Man that guy is a lallor head
by Olario May 01, 2005
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