self explanitory
self explanitory
by Fallen October 07, 2003
Top Definition
An expression used for something that is a Lie
mac- "I saw a 2 headed cow yesterday"
don- "Pissbubbles"
mac- "Naw, it's true"
by Immortal-Jake June 22, 2006
A caustic harpy who presents with a companionable persona.
Ann Coulter is a piss bubble.
by Jay Bigman October 31, 2006
the spontaneous and deleterious effect of confined spaces.
as in what happens to perfectly fine children when trapped indoors on a rainy day or in the back seat of a car. one touches another who pokes the first one who bumps the third one until they all turn into piss bubbles.
by NUmellie August 28, 2007
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