Top Definition
A rat that is so disgusting and fucked up.
1) Dude, don't you think that Paola is such a piss rat.

2) Paola: Bethany, why do you look so ill?

Bethany: I just fucked a piss rat.
by NaoFabio July 13, 2009
piss rat: comes from the term urine vermin which was the name that the royal family called the sevents who worked in the dungeons. it was made more common in 1901 by sir p. Rick who lived on housing estate in selby.
get the fuck away from me you dirty PISS RAT!
a scrawny blonde girl who wee's on herself self in a graveyard and has a smelly fanny
jh:who was that piss rat from the graveyard

dm: katie ether......
by jack ui January 29, 2009
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