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the kicking of a leg after ejaculating on ones eye
Yo, you should have seen how i pirated that hoe last night, she was limping for hour
by billy ;) July 17, 2008
2 11
a pirate is someone that has no greater religious law other than himself or what he already believes in... they are on the forfront of any great change for they have only themselves to relate the truth to
i was a prite. there was no one or bunch of people with a higher moral priciple or religious laws in my surroundings other than that which i alreay was and what i already believed in... so i became a pirate because (as the religion wouild say) I was the LORD
by angus david macfarlane May 25, 2007
6 15
One of the many things that make things better in this world.

Goes well with monkeys and cock.
Hello mate, we're off to find some booty. Put your god damn monkey loving cock away you sick land lubbing fuck.
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
25 34
a) a certain robbin hood of the seas.
b) most commonly attributed by certain physical deformities including but not limited to missing leg, hand, eye etc.,
c) inclusive of one loyal pet animal often found perched on ones shoudler (i.e. parrot; monkey).
d) one in search of booty
(on a boat)

are we being attacked by hijackers?

out here, we call them pirates.
by ararrr July 26, 2005
22 32
Uber Creatures that are above meer humans.
Equal to ninjas in all things including super ability's and prowess.
Worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Better then Joe Kuyper
Joe: Man Matt is such an awsome pirate
Leo: Ryans such a Ninja
Aaron: Their so much better then me
Dejay:I am not worthy to be near a Pirate like Matt or a Ninja like Ryan, cause I am gay
by Matthew Loewen November 28, 2006
25 37
When proceeded with anal sex, the man will spit on his partners back giving the other the illusion that he has come. As the other turns around the man proceeds to shot the cum into his partners eye and then kick them in the knee so they hop around the room on one foot screaming "Arrr! Arrrr!"
1) Last night my boyfirend pirated me.
2) I knew we were meant to be when he gave me my first pirate.
3) A hooker once gave me a free pirate on the house.
by The Escalade crew September 19, 2006
23 35
Shorthand referring to the movie Pirates of the Caribbean with Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley.
Pirates 2 comes out on DVD this week!
by Balfdor December 04, 2006
18 31