Referencing to those large pink pimples on peoples necks, you just help but want to pop them while standing in line at the grocery store...Pro Activ Please.
Did you see those pinkles on Matt's neck this morning, d$%^ they were big.
by UknOWme2oo9 May 06, 2009
cutesy Mom word for pimples....
Ooops, you better wash your face tonight. I see some pinkles coming on your forehead! And DO NOT leave soap all over the sink. I am tired of cleaning up after you kids!
by mickey bitsko September 13, 2007
a funny word used to describe people. because it sounds funny should be used as much as possible
man, that guy is such a damn pinkle!
by dude May 18, 2003
a pee and a tinkle together
jeremy took a really long pinkle in a bush after a long nite.
by better off April 19, 2006
To urinate - combination of Piss and Tinkle.
Man, that was a great Pinkle... shame about getting my shoes wet though :(
by Pinkle Boy October 29, 2003
To scam or defraud someone via message board, email or IM. Can also be used to describe a liar, thief or assbag.
"Is this for real, or am I being Pinkled?"
by AnonSM June 27, 2005
Burnt pink.
The color of vintage velvets and Victorian rose gardens.
by tia November 29, 2003

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