Top Definition
a dirty and cheap hooker that is only called upon in the drunkest and sorriest mindset
Dude my friend Pat was so fucked up on bars last night he fucked a pink sheet from
by fratlord6969 July 20, 2016
When you grab your scrotom, and stretch it over someone's forehead.
Boy:Bitch! I'mma give you a pink sheet!
Girl:Okay, just don't get anything in my hair.
by Wolven24 April 23, 2011
The pink sheets are the most comfortable and sexy sheets in the world. You can find pink sheets everywhere, but the best ones are often found in beds belonging to norwegians. It's the best place to have sex and also the best place to sleep. They're effect works best on thugs. GO PINK SHEETS!!
yea dawg, i focked her in ma pink sheets last night
by keegster1234 November 21, 2010
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