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When the male/female drinks from a womans "pink". this is while the person is alive, unlike mung.
"Dude, you should have had some of my wife's pink lemonade last night. I had my face on her puss and my dick was in her mouth. She said my semen tasted better so I tried it, but it wasnt as good."
by GaMeRrEmAg May 19, 2007
Regular, lemon flavoured, lemonade, mixed with strawberry flavoured drink.
"Lemonade isn't sweet enough. I need the double sweetness of Pink Lemonade"
by orgabulator November 01, 2005
When you're eating a girl out, and she pees while you're doing it.
I was eating that bitch out until she sprayed pink lemonade in my face.
by Tony Love August 01, 2006
When a girl squirts on her period.
Named this because of its color and sour taste.
1: Dude, I totally drank Lisa's pink lemonade last night.
2: You have serious problems.
by OffToVisitYourMother February 27, 2011
Pink lemonade is just regular lemonade except made with pink lemons (these are only found in India).
Actual Conversation:

Guy 1: Wow man, that lemonade is pink!

Guy 2: Bro, that shit is some pink lemonade!

Guy 3: Did you know that its made from pink lemons that are only found in India?
by PinkyOPinky August 09, 2012
When a girl urinates in a glass and then puts her used tampon in the glass to tint the glass of urine to a pinkish color
This pink lemonade you made is very acidic...cause its pee and blood
by Jared Jizzmosis October 15, 2010
When you are having sex with a girl on her period, urinate in her vagina and then collect it into a cup.
I sure could go for a pink lemonade tonight!
by Obie1 March 02, 2007