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3 definitions by Obie1

While having anal sex with a woman while standing up, you grab her arms and hold them straight out to her side. Then make the sound of an airplane and steer her head first into a wall, knocking her out. Promptly exit leaving her lying naked on the ground.
I took that girl home and gave her the Japanese Airliner, and still made it home in time to watch Matlock.
by Obie1 March 02, 2007
While having sex doggy style, you turn the girl towards the side of the bed, pull her arms out and thrust her off the side of the bed onto the floor face first.
Last night we got a little rough and while doin' her doggy style I accidentally gave her the midnight train wreck.
by Obie1 March 02, 2007
When you are having sex with a girl on her period, urinate in her vagina and then collect it into a cup.
I sure could go for a pink lemonade tonight!
by Obie1 March 02, 2007