Pink Floyd Started out as a psychedelic band founded by George Roger Waters(Bass,Vocals) and Roger Keith Barrett(Syd)(Guitar,Vocals) in 1965.The other members of the band were Bob Klose(Guitar),Nick Mason(Drums),and Richard(not Rick)Wright(Keyboards).THeir first album was The Piper at The Gates of Dawn.Most of it was written By Barrett With the exception of one song by Roger Waters.Syd was taking alot of LSD at the time and eventually would suffer a mental breakdown in 1967 just before the band became world famous.Syd was replaced by David Gilmour who was a friend of the band.Roger waters became the main songwriter for the group but everyone else wrote songs too.Later they Released A saucer ful of secrets(1967),More(1969),Atom Heart Mother(1970),Meddle(1971),Obscured by Clouds(1972) and eventually The Dark Side of The Moon in 1973.The album made the band superstars but also marked the begining of the end so to speak.Roger waters wrote all the lyrics to Dark Side... But Gilmour Sang Most of it.Later in 1975 they Released Wish You were Here,some call it the sequel to Dark Side.It is A tribute to their lost friend Syd Barret.The songs include the Classic Shine on you crazy diamond and wish you were here both about Syd.During the recording of shine on,a strange man just happended to walk into abbey road studios.He was fat ,Bald all of his body hair was shaved and he was constantly brushing his teeth.No one had recognized him until Richard said to Roger "do you know who that is?THats Syd..."Roger broke down from sadness but managed to ask Syd what he thought of Shine on .Syd told them that he did not like it and just walked out of the studio and all the way to Cambridge where his home was.In 1977 During the last show of a tour for the Album ANIMALS Roger Waters Spat in a fans face who was in the front row trying to get close to the band.Later that night ,shocked by his own behaviour,Roger waters began looking at himself and his life and began writing the somewhat autobiographic story that is THE WALL.The Band began recording the album and would release it in late 1979.The album (like Dark Side...)Was a huge succes and would eventually become a monumental stage show and a film in the early 80's.Rger had fired Richard shortly after the Wall tour was over and him and david were at each others throats.They hated each other.Roger wanted the band to be based on Lyrics and Dave wanted it to be more musical.Their next album ,originally titled "spare Bricks" contained some material(outtakes) from the wall and was re-titled The Final Cut.It is basically a Roger Waters Solo Album with gilmour contributing a few solos and no richard wright or nick mason at all.Shortly after in 1984 Roger Left the group because of the constant arguements with the band.He tried to sue the remaining members of the Floyd to stop using the band name but lost the lawsuit and in 1987 gilmour re-hired Richard and formed the new Pink Floyd with more than enough new members.They released Amomentary LApse of reason that year.(By this time all of the members including syd had released solo works)In 1990 RogerWaters Also rallied musicians and Staged The Wall Concert again in Berlin.In 1994 Pink Floyd Released The Division bell , a weak pink floyd album Roger waters said in an interview last year"What a nerve to call THAT pink floyd, it waws an awful record.Roger continues to write new material,and "pink floyd"is is still standing But none of the members have heard from syd since that fateful day in 1975...
Pink FLoyds Best songs(my opinion)
.Shine on you crazy diamond
.Comfortably numb
.Astronomy Domine
by Ariel March 09, 2005
Quite simply put, one of the greatest progressive rock bands of all time.

There's an ethereal cadence and glow to their music. No where will you find another band that puts so much emotion into what they do.

Pink Floyd is also one of the most versatile bands you'll ever come across. Meaning, you cannot judge how much you will like one song or album from how much you liked another song or album. There's a different "style" and approach to all the albums. Whether it be the psychedelic grooves put forth by Syd Barrett on Piper at the Gates of Dawn; or the "political punk" on Animals ala Roger Waters; or the slower, more deliberate "story" songs by David Gilmour on Momentary Lapse of Reason and Division Bell; you won't find a band anywhere that has a broader range of musical styles and multi-genre undertones.

Many of their songs were written in tribute to their recently-deceased original singer and guitarist, Syd Barrett. One entire album, in fact, was dedicated to him; this of course being Wish You Were Here. Barrett fell victim to a dangerous lifestyle, going insane and experiencing massive brain damage from the amount of drugs he did. He lived on in the band's words, and all the fans' hearts, though. This not only provided material for some of the bands greatest songs, but also gave the songs a deeper than normal meaning from the rest.

There's so much more that could be said about this amazing band; their history, their music, their incredible...incredibleness. However, I will leave it at this: Please, look past Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall. Not only do you look like a douche bag in conversation when those are the only albums you know of, but there's so much more than these two. The music is simply incredible, from Piper at the Gates of Dawn, all the way down to Division Bell (Yes, it is all amazing; pay no attention to the dumbfucks who say that the band "died" when Waters left. Some say that Momentary Lapse of Reason and Division Bell were the worst albums, but all Waters did with The Final Cut was whine about how his father was killed in the war. A lot of the songs were rejected cuts originally intended for The Wall. It's still good music, but a lot of it is half-hearted and, unfortunately, nearly meaningless.) There's not enough that can be said about them, but for the sake of not writing a novel on Urban Dictionary, I will end here. Pink Floyd, you may not be together any more, but your music lives on. Thanks, guys.
Pink Floyd > Life. Nothing else to it.
by Terrapin05 July 27, 2006
Featuring God on guitar and Jesus on bass.
Pink Floyd. That's all I have to say.
by Th/ July 10, 2008
The best band period.
rapper: I don't like Pink Floyd all that much.

Intelligent person: Burn in hell.
by |}0|} January 04, 2006
One of the greatest bands ever! My personal favorite! They were popular all throughout the 70's and mid 80's. They had great albums such as "Darkside of the Moon" "The Wall" and "Wish you Were Here" just to name a few.

It is often described as "One big acid trip."
Pink floyd is the greatest band known to god and man!
by YumeChan February 21, 2004
Artists who gave us such incredible pieces of music as Dark Side of the Moon The Wall and Wish you Were Here. No doubt in 200 years Pink Floyd will be studied and revered as Motzart and Beethoven are today.
Get a nickle bag, a #3 from McDonalds, and a Pink Floyd album, and oh what a night you'll have.
by Joe Friday July 06, 2005
Greatest band ever to walk the planet!
Listening to Pink Floyd made me feal like I was in a cosmic trance of the greatest rock melodies.
by Floydian August 08, 2005

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