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There are two Pingry Schools: one in Short Hills, NJ, the other in Martinsville, NJ.

While Pingry may seem a harmless & friendly learning environment, it's actually evil. You fit in or you don't. The workload is like child labor. Money is poured into useless stuff, like a Middle School. Keep the midgets in the basement, for chrissake.

But Pingry has its upsides. There are shiny, odd-shaped things on the ceilings. If you avoid the meat and fish, the food is quite good. You may even find somebody who hasn't been zombified by pop culture! Fancy that.
Outside of Pingry, visitors may gawk at the horrible wastes of money that we proudly present. A huge-ass clock tower that's green, not blue; a very ugly courtyardish thing; neglected playing fields surrounded by nice sidewalks, and snotty white kids who are a waste of space and probably paid their way in.
by ska-o-riffic! April 09, 2005
203 203
the only school where its cool to be a nerd
yes, i am a dork, and yes, i do get all A+'s but its okay because i go to pingry
by pingry February 27, 2005
137 102
An awesome school where yes, smart, nerdy kids go like me yet some idiot rich kids who sometimes don't know how they got in. We are preppy and whatnot. We rock at soccer and more, have some wicked awesome assemblies, tons of fun and we are extremely good looking. The food beats crappy cafeteria food by far and we are not snobby except for a few kids here and there.
Kid: Where do you go to school
Me: Pingry
Kid: :O! R U a nerd
Me: Heck yeah!
by SZK January 08, 2012
32 14
Pingry is an awsum school OK!?!?!
Yes we are preps! Yes we are rich! Yes half of us r nerds! And yes were all Losers!
But guess what?!?!?!
When we grow up.....Were not gonna be the LOSERS anymore! You are!

NOW: Sluts, Nerds, Outcasts, Preps,

by PINGRY RULES! October 20, 2010
33 46
The feeling of having to urintate.

Used the same way as "hungry"
I just drank a gallon of water and now I'm so pingry!
by danwpratt October 01, 2008
32 46
A gentle, peaceful, yet curious individual who defies the male standard as we know it. Look past the delicate, brittle, tanned skin, chin-length wispy grey mane and absurdly white dental caps and you have sitting, legs crossed on a yacht off the coast of Long Beach, the true incarnation of an enigma.
I got a free steak dinner thanks to Pingry. I'll never understand how it happened.
by Pingry Fan December 11, 2007
21 37
In the state of having to pee (i.e. pingry is to peeing as hungry is to eating)
"I hope there's a commercial break soon -- I'm getting pingry!"
by anotherthink October 10, 2008
35 52