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A pinger is generally a video game term. It might be used in the real world some time, but I don't know anything about that. A pinger is an attack that yields no success. It's name originates from an arrow that bounces off of a piece of armor, which usually makes a "ping" noise.
A paintball team decides to storm the "base" and steal the other team's flag. However, everyone on the invading team is taken out. The at-base team yells "pinger" at the losing team, smiting them with disgrace.
by Peter J. H. August 25, 2006
14 20
Another word for pills or extacy.
Norm,"Got any pingers mate?"
camjoo,"Yeah man I have some mitzies!!"
Norm,"Wooooohoooo!! Lets partay!"
by camjoo May 27, 2005
366 57
An ecstacy pill.
"Im keen to get on a pinger tonight?"
by Diego August 25, 2003
311 81
another word for ecstasy tablets
"lets get on the pingers tonight Paps!"
"ok what you got?"
"Some Red Mitsi's!!!"
"Lets get RRIIIGGHHHTTT ON IT!!!!!!!!!!"
by Permanence December 17, 2009
87 30
an ecstasy tablet (methylenedioxymethamphetamine)
oi lad you getting on a pinger tonight
by GIBBO ONE January 20, 2009
70 27
An erection of superior quality.
A pinger is a defining euphamism for a superlative pork stonker which, if hit sharply with a ball pein hammer, would make a pinging noise like sharply rapping a tuning fork with a drumstick.
by Doorstop December 20, 2009
23 24
Taking an outrageous yet plausible long shot at goal in a sporting game e.g. Fifa, 2k etc.
"Dude, we need a goal bad"
by The phantom pinger September 16, 2013
4 7
Term used in the Air Force for newbie’s arriving at tech. school after basic. It stands for Person In Need of Good Education/Recreation. (Sex)
Hey Sgt., we're supposed to get a new shipment of pingers today.
by Steven P. September 15, 2003
46 49