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Big burly man-whore who gets pissed and beats the sh*t out of wood with Go Devil's.
Man pinge is soo cool!
by Skerp.net April 29, 2003
1 7
A derivative of 'Thinge'
A Pinge is
1.something cute, loveable and possibly small and furry. Often the said item will have eccentric qualities also.
2. A nickname used as a term of affection for a person/object that comes under that description.
A pet or a girlfriend/boyfriend could be described as 'My Pinge'etc.
by Fenella May 11, 2004
5 12
Likes to wear semi-bisexual shirts and laugh really loud and try and make us do work during study hall.
pinge is the shiznit
by generikal.com May 01, 2003
0 7
another word for penis
You have a huge pinge.
by adquestra8 May 16, 2005
4 12
A whirlwind of emotions including jealousy, hatred and good old fashioned "I've been dumped again"
Shit. I've just been pinged
by Harro Von Marro October 30, 2003
2 12
middle aged drunk that tries to act fly
"That nigga is pinge foo!"
by Skerp.net April 26, 2003
1 11
a super dope ill thug that chills on the east coast, with home dawgs. uhhhhh
I wish I could be pinge
by generikal.com April 24, 2003
2 23