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A word used in a public place, such as work place which deals with customers. The word is said loudly enough in response to seeing/serving a hot guy so your co workers can hear you and then go on to check him out. This word is used because while it is random, it is still less obvious than just saying 'that guy's hot'.
*employee serving a line of customers, when a hot guy proceeds to counter*

Me: Hey, how can I help you today?
Him: Hi, could I please grab a ____?
Me: Sure thing.
Me (loud enough for co workers to hear, while at same glancing at co worker as not to look at customer directly): Pineapple??
Coworker: Pineapple!!
by Artist of sandwiches July 14, 2011
0 3
Pineapple is used a code word used to decribe a fit girl.
Pineapple can be used to inform your friend there is a fit girl near by without letting them know you are talking about them.
Pineapple 12 o clock
by Quarndon Boys December 15, 2006
2 5
1) Any antipersonnel fragmentation grenade, but most commonly the antipersonnel fragmentation hand grenade (so called because the grooves on the metal casing are reminiscent of the skin of a pineapple)

2) To kill someone or destroy something with an AP frag grenade. Related terms include frag (to kill/destroy, usually with an explosive device of some kind) and ghost (to kill in general).

GDI Grenadier: Eat pineapple, Nod boy! *primes and throws hand grenade*

2) Looks like Captain Parker pineappled those SAM sites.
by Macavity August 24, 2005
14 17
a secret word for any kind of sexual act.
hey, (girlfriends name) pineapples? hell yeah lets do it!
by threefish June 10, 2013
30 34
1. A Niggerfaggot

Popularized by National Spelling Bee video by DerrickComedy, a pineapple is the perfect synonym for niggerfaggot.
by dboydomr October 16, 2010
4 8
v. To Pineapple

The act of a man ejaculating into a woman's hair, either on purpose or by accident.
After a dry spell, I built up enough pressure to pineapple that slut last night.
by Admiral Poppinfresh August 22, 2010
1 5
A Great Kisser.
"Man when i kissed her the other day, she was such a pineapple. So good with her tongue and she really felt me up. I loved it, she's a great kisser!"
by Anonymous12398734 March 13, 2010
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