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A South-Asian who loves Asians, their media, music, culture and women! ^_^

So, it's like being brown on the outside and yellow on the inside.

Asian Washed brown person basically.

They are rare to find, but can be found if you can figure it out.
I'm a Pineapple fool! Better than those pathetic coconuts and brownies. We're just harder to find, and simply EPIC! =P
by Pineapple for life ^_^ July 07, 2011
0 2
A white girl who exclusively dates black guys
A:You know that bitch Jane?
B:Yeah. You mean the girl who dates all the black guys?
A:Yeah. She's a total pineapple.
by xcdude February 11, 2011
1 3
A sweet, yellow fruit that also sweetens the male sex hormone semen, rendering the taster of that delicious juice surprisingly joyous.
I'm having sex with my girlfriend tonight. Any tips?

Eat some pineapple.
by dantheincredible June 22, 2010
1 3
A "slang word" used to describe a dumb individual without calling them derogatory or lewd comments that may insult a group of people (such as if I called the dumb individual a n*gger)
Did you see that pineapple run from the cops?
by Dreamer1985 May 01, 2009
5 7
preferably a girl.
brunette on the outside, blonde on the inside
"Wow, what a pineapple"
by ♥♥ February 14, 2009
4 6
1 to hang out, or chill
2 chill, cool
1 Hey, dude do you want to pineapple later?
2 OMG that movie was so freaking pineapple!
by Lydie yeps yeps August 23, 2008
2 4
a Hawaiian ho; an island bitch who likes to get lei'd; similar to "coconuts" (a ho who's crazy for the nuts)
Pnur I, first of the pineapples, loves the tally whacker
by madbomb October 02, 2007
3 5