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The act of a dude blowing his load and immediately transitioning that final weak burst (that usually just dribbles out) into a continous stream of urination that you can't really control.
"Man it was so hot out that day, that bitch was just asking to get cooled off with a Pineapple Smoothie....boy did I give it to her!"
by Team Little Jerry Seinfeld August 31, 2009
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The act of eating a girl out or a man performing oral sex on a woman. Most likely after you have decided not to have actual sex and this is all she will let you do.
Man: So, we're not gonna have sex?
Woman: No i've decided we should wait until marriage.
Man: Well this sucks, what should we do?
Woman: Well, we could always enjoy a nice Pineapple Smoothie.
by PJ lover January 02, 2010

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