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To Pimprovise is to ball, stunt, or pick up chicks without using lines like "That's just how I do." or "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" or any other cliched method.
"Hey man, everytime I use one of my pick up lines, the girl throws a drink in my face, how do you do it?"

"Lines are for punks. I pimprovise."
by J-Keezy March 03, 2007
verb - Pulling out unpracticed game during the final minutes before a bar or club closes, in a desperate attempt to avoid leaving alone.
Damon: "Man that girl I was with last night was fine!"

Bryan: "What, I saw you like 10 minutes before they closed, and you were by yourself. How did you pull that one off?"

Damon: "I had to Pimprovise, but I made it happen"
by Bryan Knapp May 02, 2011
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