acronym, Pissing (or piss) in my pants laughing ecstatically.
Em: that joke was so funny it made me p.i.m.p.l.e!
by *Emshaw March 11, 2009
Someone with an irritating character. An individual who is on the verge of being annoying. Just like a pimple is on ones face, perfectly harmless but can mess up your day any second.
Girl 1 whining: "Ugh, I broke my nail and now my life is over"

Girl 2 annoyed of whining: "Stop being a pimple and get over it!"
by Peachez3 February 26, 2009
A pimp in training, e.g. one of Snoop Dogg's kids. Not to be confused with wigger.
Pimple: What up my nig?
Pimp: No dawg, it's niggah.

Or something like that.
by Zimmyzimzims January 22, 2008
Pissing in my pants laughing ecstatically, used for online speak, text messaging, and chat. Akin to the phrases LMAO, ROTFL, LOL, etc.
Tom: Oh man, I tried to fart and I shat myself!

by Bingo Starr March 11, 2009
PIMPLES is an acronym standing for a Person In Medicine, Politics, Linguistics, Economics, Science

These are the people that run society as we know it. They are essential to our lives, yet no one cares. They are normal people who lead really boring lives. You never see them on the news because they hardly ever do anything noteworthy or entertaining. In general, with a few exceptions, they are really boring people and have no sense of humor.

keep in mind that this does not describe really unique awesome people in these trades who are revolutionizing their field. This term is reserved for average Joes who get stuck and go nowhere in life.
Jesse: have you decided whether to attend Design School in the fall?
James: I think I would make more money and be able to give back to society as a Lawyer so I am heading down the liberal arts route. Art is for poor people anyway.

Jesse: great, now even my most interesting friend is a PIMPLES.
by Haxolither July 22, 2009
1) A zit on the face of the oily variety

2) A smelly guy who likes sitting really close to teenage girls on the bus.
Girl#1: Man, that smelly guy sure likes you!
Girl#2: Well Duh, he is a pimple!
by Smelly Boi March 29, 2006
The horrific obvious bumps on a person who fails to wash their face.
"ewww what? is that a pimple on her face?"
"eww ur right, nah, im thinking more of a complex game of connect the dots?"
by Ginabean515 February 06, 2009

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