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The attitude of being arragontly persistant with matters that have no actual importance or meaning. Similar to being cocky, but the effect is much more irritating as the person is usually not in good enough shape (physically/mentally) to be this way at all. Just happens to be white.
Jeff to Mike: So I was working out today, and like 5 girls came and told me how sexy and fit I was, because before I just did normal working out, i used to be in UFC as a cage fighter, but that was only after i collected a handfull of crotch rockets and racing bikes. Its not a big deal but people just seem to flock to me. It's understandable, but i dont plan for it to happen.

(Friends outside the conversation)
John to Derrick: Dude, who's that guy talking to Mike?

Derrick to John: Oh, thats Jeff, hes mad pillsburing right now.
by crimsonchin27 March 30, 2011
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