Origin: 1858

Pike County, Missouri, is located on the Mississippi River north of St. Louis and just south of Mark Twain's Hannibal. It is still a quiet rural county, noted for the Stark Brothers Nursery and not much else.

But its name is known nationwide, thanks to Pikers, who followed the gold rushes to California and Colorado in the mid-nineteenth century. By the late 1850s they were so prominent in these adventures that Piker became the nickname for anyone from Missouri, not just from Pike County.

We find them in a Marysville, California, newspaper of 1860:

"Pillbox said they were there for the benefit of the 'Pikers,' that they might learn to read."

The Pikers were not noted for quickness of wit or spectacular success at finding gold, but they did gain a reputation for frugality. A Piker would not gamble, drink, or spend his money to excess. Thus he was viewed by the free-spending majority as a timid cheapskate.

And so piker, having lost its association with a particular place and thereby its capital letter, came to mean someone of no boldness or ambition, someone who ventures little and always plays it safe.

The term applied first to small-stakes gamblers, then to small-stakes investors in the stock market, then to slackers in any enterprise.
He's pretty good, but compared to the superstars, he's a real piker.
#slacker #lazy #bum #lowlife #cheapskate
by ema zee April 23, 2008
Top Definition
One who trades securities on a small time, even amatuerish fashion.
Brett is a filthy two lot piker. Thats why he runs with them ugly little chickenheads.
#trading #bitch #small #bad #chickenhead
by sucker MC March 22, 2006
1) A lazy worker who only worries about his sick time, paid time off, vacations, and any other paid holiday.
He worries more about taking time off then making money or working hard.

2) Best example is from the movie "Boiler Room" where Ben Affleck wants salesmen that want to make money, not pikers who worry only about vacation time.

Sentence: That piker will do anything to get out of work.
#lazy ass #lazy #spoiled #moe #unmotivated
by A teamer May 10, 2007
From the word pikey, refers to a person belonging to that group. Pikey/Piker is an Irish gypsy, english trailer trash, and just generally a person not to be trusted, who's past times include stealing, sinnning, gambling and living in caravans. They tend to have a gravitational vortex that attratcts dogs, horses, scrap and junk, and of course, things they have stolen.

Characterised by lurchers on a string, a unintelligible language that "isn't English, it isn't Irish, it's just Pikey" (source: Film: Snatch).
Pikeys are well-known for their skills of negotiation in business.
It's probably why they talk like that...so you can't follow what's being said. (source: Film: Snatch)
"It's a campsite. A pikey campsite."
"What are we doing here?"
"We're buying a caravan."
"Off a pack of fucking pikeys? What's wrong with you? This will get messy...Oh, you bastard.I fucking hate pikers."
#pikey #piker #irish #gypsy #trailer-trash #delinquient #mischevious
by Kate is my goddamn name November 29, 2006
a coward. the word was used in the popular television series Gunsmoke, in the lyrics of a song sang by Festus Haggan, played by Ken Curtis.
"A bully is a piker if you call his bluff".
#piker #coward #yellow belly #sissy #poser
by Gigi-A-Gogo September 16, 2015
When someone fails to meet the expectations (go out, drink, party nething expected on a weekend apart from sleep) fails to last an interval of time.
"Jim went to Piked last night at 11 instead of going out" "Complete Piker"
by Anonymous June 26, 2003
Usually a Sales Term: Refers to a prospective customer who promises they want to buy & never follows through. Someone who refuses to just say no & continues to give you the run around. Someone who says one thing and backs out.
That Guy said he wanted to buy a 1200$ ad, and now he wont answer the phone, fucking piker.
#shitbag #sales #telemarketing #advertising #asshole #deusch
by KBizzle123 March 23, 2011
Someone who acts as though has some semi credible net worth (less than $2000) when in actual fact a considerably smaller amount.

To qualify a piker they must a )consider $50 an investment

b) sounds like really irritating, banal pathetic/useless/ stupid/moron inducing sludge

Talks for hours about investments and has invested nothing, what a piker
That fucking piker, he claimed he had a million and he dropped.

What totally shit piece of human action, what a piker
#scum #moron #scally #mong #tramp
by tinstol July 05, 2011
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