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When you have sex with a girl/guy anally and they have diarrhea or the "runs". Usually resulting in quite a mess so you have the girl/guy eat it after words.
John: "Me and Jen where eating Mexican food all week and when we had sex she had the runs and shit all over me"

Zach: "Eww. What did you do?"

John: "Made her eat it. What else?"

Zach: "Nice, Can't wait tell i can pigslop someone"

John: "One Day man, One day."
by c.c.b January 15, 2010
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Unkind slang term referring to someone fat and lazy, and/or a person with little regard for personal hygiene.

Most common in mid-western North America.
"Uhgg! Janelle is such a pig-slop!"
by MrBodaggles December 07, 2009
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