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A bank in the form of a pig. Usually.
Person: "Look! A piggy bank! Let's shake it so it makes a cool noise!"
by Evil October 18, 2003
7 1
A)place where you store chump change untill it's nolonger comsidered chunmp change
B)slang for bank
clickaty clank clickaty clank the money goes into my piggy bank
by kickak March 14, 2005
110 43
A very attractive female you is clearly considered to be way more than a dime
dang homie doodquisha is a whole piggy bank.
by jamaile cason August 10, 2006
24 15

A store, restaurant, room, etc. full of slammin bids. As some call perfect ten females "dime pieces", a place full of them relating to a collection of money is only appropriate.
"Dude, I'd hit every girl in this store, it's full of dimes."

"No doubt, this place is a piggy bank fa sho."
by rochebro December 21, 2009
13 7
the act of stuffing someone's ass full of loose change and then beating them till it all falls out.
"i heard at G-bay they piggybanked one of bin-laden's henchmen."
by NeonHate January 28, 2010
103 99
The perfect dumping place for the useless coins we have in our pockets the moment we reach home. It helps your psychological health that you are having a great saving habit, but indeed when its full, you can only buy a magazine or two out of it. Reality of life.
Mom: Wow! your piggy bank feels heavy! Good job Henry!
Henry: *Smirks*
by vvvvvvvv May 03, 2013
2 0
When you are fucking a fat chick and you place a penny up in her pussy and don't tell her about it
I gave that girl a piggy bank last night.
by JohnnyJackass January 11, 2006
33 34