Term used in fantasy circles for an individual possessed with an unhealthy obsession with elfs and the like. Originally coined by JRR Tolkien to describe fans who used to steal his underwear from his washing line.

see also
Troll Toucher
Orc Fiddler
Hobbit Botherer.
"Im really worried about little Johnny. He does nothing but sit in his room and play Warcraft 3 all day. If you ask me, theres more than a touch of the piggles about him"
by Sean Lennon August 03, 2004
the best sex you'll ever have is with piggles.
yes, YES, YEEEEES! oh my god, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD YES!!!!!!!!!! piggles your so good!
by piggles July 28, 2004
A genetic cross between a poodle and a pig.
"Blatt your gimcrackee Piggle you dulsory hamshank!"

-Kareemed Khorn
by Ned Sneed February 10, 2004
The act of snorting when you laugh/giggle.
I hate when I piggle in public.
by SC March 11, 2003
Adam Staroba. Never stops eating.
Piggle piggle piggle, I made you out of fat!
by The Turd Burglar October 26, 2003
Adam Staroba
The piggle Adam, spent his life playing Diablo II and eating pork grinds(What a cannibal).
by Papa Smurf's Bitch October 27, 2003
When you laugh so hard you make a snorting noise like a pig.
That picture was so funny I got a serious case of the piggles!!
by Gedd81 November 19, 2015
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