n. A girl who can be judged like one of Picasso's paintings: she's good from far, but she's far from good. -or- just a girl with a fucked up face.
I saw this girl at this party the other night so I went up to talk to her and it turned out she was a Picasso. I wished I was drunk so I would have an excuse.
by Tony Amato September 26, 2006
While a male is having sex with a woman from behind, before ejaculation he pulls out and proceeds to paint the woman's back with his spermies.
"My masterpiece on that bitch's back was stupendous! I'm the new picasso!"
by suki sapperstein November 28, 2007
Man with wedgie/need picasso!
In the Immortal style of Charlie Chan, ace TV movie detective, a man who is in severe rectal "discomfort" and dismay needs to picasso.
by carlbigman September 28, 2006
The Picasso is a sex position for those who are creative, A Picasso occurs when a guy fucks a girl in the ass ( or two guys) and pulls out his shit covered dick and proceeds to smear the shit all over the girls face.
dude 1: dude you will never guess what i did to veronica!

dude 2: what man

dude 1: i gave her a Picasso!!!

dude 2: thats so disgusting but awesome !
by Kast Kidd December 08, 2009
The MIA secret 5th ninja turtle. Picasso resembles a sort of retarded sea turtle with one limp flipper. His primary ninja weapon is a hammer.
Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, and Picasso
by T Sack March 15, 2009
Used to identify anyone whos face looks like a jigsaw puzzle.
Ashley looks like a painting of picasso. YOu dont know where her face starts and ends.
by luigiman12 October 20, 2007
Having sex with someone while their face is pressed sideways on the copy machine.
"the first time we had sex we did the picasso at her office"
by bast07 September 30, 2005

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