Similar meaning to the meaning of the word cunt, the word applies to fat cunts. The 'ph' is used instead of the letter 'f' to make the word bigger implying the individual or group it is said to is bigger than the average person.
Bob: Tim is such a fat cunt

Jim: Yeah, he is a Phunt

Bob: Hahaha
by Funnnykunt October 15, 2012
Top Definition
A new curse word that does not mean anything, but is still a general curse word that can be used in a social setting.
Look at that jerk over there. He is seriously being a phunt little nugget muncher.
by SerasAtomsk October 25, 2007
to show through sound
Phunt this album to all of your friends because it is great.
by dictionary_egg February 03, 2007
To use in place of various curse words. Most commonly used when expressing one's distaste for a certain subject or action.
Uni: Let's go get blazed!
Phil: Phunt that! I'm straight edge!
by Jncoguy August 05, 2005
Saying ' phunt ' is a way of calling someone a cunt in an online forum/poker room without getting the software team blocking your chat.
Omg.. he just called all in with 5 high , what a ''phunt''.

by Donk Slayer September 22, 2008
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