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A Phuddard is a melange of a Punjabi and English word. The phudd part is derived from "Phuddu" and the "Ard" is Derived from the English word "Bastard"

A Phuddu is an individual who has a personality akin to a douche-bag and believes he/she is superior to others.

The bastard portion of the word can be defined as: a misbegotten wretch.
"Amanda and Melissa are Phuddards because they are conniving and smell like garbage"

"John and Joe are big phuddards because they're conceited and enjoy hearing the sound of their own voices"

"My dog the biggest phuddard in the world. After raiding my fridge, he barfed all over my favorite shoes and then I caught him licking my toothbrush. My dog is a huge phuddard, but I love him all the same"

"Amanda and Melissa are forcing me to go a bar after work because they're really shy about going. *Sigh*. Stupid phuddards"
by Dj Mandy August 01, 2012
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