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A new way of saying Fresh, made in the streets of New York. The unofficial leader of the word is Dakhari Makhani who started using it in his underground clothing lines.
P1- Oh shit Asher Roth is mad Phresh

P2- True that
by NYC123 September 29, 2009
flyer than the rest, fresh with emphasis, cool, the ultimate swag,
I just bought these new Jordans. Im about to step out phresh tonight.
by Phresh2Def July 11, 2008
pHresh (fresh)
adj. pHresh·er, pHresh·est

Whoa, Amazing, Stunning, All that is great, Da Bomb, Pure, Organic
adjective, -er, -est, noun, verb, adverb

1. amazing, whoa, wow, da bomb: pHresh
2. newly made or obtained: pHresh greens.
3. recently arrived; just come: pHresh from school.

4. the pHresh part or time.

–verb (used with object), verb (used without object)
5. to make or become pHresh.

6. newly; recently; just now: He/she is pHresh out of ideas. Those are pHresh greens.
by OrganicTruth11 January 22, 2011
The freshest of the fresh. Just like phat, but being so fresh your phresh. If you drive a G8, your phresh. If your name is Tarrant, your fuckin phresh. Baller status. Big pimpin.
Did you see how phresh Tarrant looked today in his ride?

Yeah dude Tarrant is phresh to deff.

Damn I'm lookin all kinds of phresh today I'm on point.
by Brennen R June 06, 2013
A word posers use in an attempt to sound cool.
Poser: I'm Phresh.
*person hits poser with large brick*
by No thank you. April 28, 2011
The combination of "phat" and "fresh"

Adjec: Being so phat and fresh it should be a crime.

Note: The word "phresh" is a registered copyright of Phresh Inc. Using this word for any type of business, marketing, etc, will result in legal action.

See also: Phresh Digital
"This track is so PHRESH!"
by H!P May 04, 2009
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