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1) A form of a Fox with humanoid features such as opposable thumbs and similar bone structure while still maintaining a "Fox-like" feature such as: Pointy ears and nose, fur all around, and a cute bushy tail.

2) Me. I R Phox.
1) "Did you see that Phox? Wasn't that the coolest thing you ever saw?"

2) "I am the Phox. Hear me..... Yip."
by James The Phox March 24, 2005
either Rynth, Raeth , Khismett, Pspynett, and Chris (aka chisulo.)

Also a clan on many games.

Rynth is a phox.

clan = phox :: Rynth, Raeth :: phox.
by Rynth :: phox January 11, 2006
God Like warrior of the underworld. Legendary Warrior to destroy Bob the goat.
Phox is all that is man
by andrew April 16, 2005