A alternate term for passing gas.
Kate:"Did you just phoof?"

Alex: "I was on the airplane and let off a righteous phoof, my row wasn't to excited about that."
by pnwskier December 07, 2011
Top Definition
The signature visual element of the tv show, NCIS. When NCIS breaks to and comes back from a commercial, a black and white video image appears of a moment in the episode, accompanied by a noise that sounds like "phoof", hence the name.
The "phoof" sounds like a flashbulb exploding.
by Teresa S October 27, 2009
The sound you hear when the show NCIS goes to, and comes back from, a commercial.
"She's dead, Gibbs"
*screen goes black and white* PHOOF
by punkminkis September 13, 2009
The sound one's fart makes after a well hung hobbit destroys your ring.

Puts a whole new meaning to the saying "silent but deadly"
"Your ring piece will be burning like the fires of Mt. Doom by the time i have finished with you!"

"I am the Phoof under the mountain, you shall not pass! (wind)"
by Splurgecentral July 14, 2009
A device for filtering exhaled pot smoke which eliminates the smell and absorbs resin; usually made from a container stuffed with scented dryer sheets and has two holes- one to exhale into and the other is the "exhaust;"

Initially it was made by using an old papertowel roll tube. You stuffed it full of dryer sheets and put duct tape around it for strength.
"When you take a hit, blow it out through the phoof so it won't stink up the place."
-many weed smokers

"You must use a phoof, if you smoke on campus. It's a tube you blow the smoke through or an exhaust."
-many a college student

"Oh crap she got a big hit, then just started coughing and couldn't even think about using the phoof!"
-Unhappy host
by Lucy Sky Diamond October 16, 2008
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