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Anyone with an obsessive sexual attraction to turntables or mixing music.
"I spent my last paycheck on vinyl. I'm a real phonosexual."

Mike: I wasted my entire weekend in the studio.
Dan: You're such a phonosexual, dude.
by AAres January 25, 2010
Phonosexual describes a person who has a sexual attraction towards music or sounds.
Phonosexual kid: I reached an orgasm while listening to Skrillex.
Straight kid: You sure are a phonosexual.
Phonosexual kid:I sure am, I'm so turned on by music.
by EdnaExecution December 19, 2011
noun- one who is obsessed with their cell phone and seems to always talk on it.
My daughter is such a phonosexual. Last night she talked to her boyfriend for 200 minutes. Thanks for hogging up the Family Share Plan bee-otch!
by Corn Flake October 05, 2006
Someone who has phone sex!
Jeremy is in there jerking off on the phone he is such a phonosexual
by kemikalkaos July 25, 2008
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