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People that have a phobia with others touching or using their phone because of contamination. Afraid of contracting germs from other touching their cell phone. Like a germaphobe through cell phone sharing.
Emmalee will not let anybody use her cell phone. She is such a phoneaphobe.

Emmalee has phoneaphobia, she won't let anybody use her phone, for fear she'll get germs.
by Baileetwinklesemmajazzy December 11, 2009
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Fear of making cold calls, even if your rent payment and drinking money depends on it.

This condition is often associated with Monday mornings and Friday afternoons in the work environment.
Man I didn't make any comissions last month at work. My boss asked me if I caught a case of phoneaphobia. He said everone in the office seems to have contacted it lately.
by Tyrenne June 02, 2009

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