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a girl who doesn't know her own worth.
sweet and lovely, but just a little crazy and just a little wild. perfect girlfriend material.
boy 1: thanks for introducing me to that girl
boy 2: no problem! isn't she just an Emmalee?
boy 1: deffinitly! how lucky am I?
by mango(the original) March 01, 2008
a feminine name for a beautiful girl. an emmalee is always exciting, energetic, and different in her own way. she can be very hard to understand but doesnt need to be understood, she's always herself around everyone. loves to meet new people and making friends. she cares about everyone and will do anything for the people she loves. she has a large booty also known as a whooty because she's white. all around a great and fun person, great girlfriend material, she will always keep you interested.
dude you dating an emmalee ?!!" "yeah man im the luckiest guy in the world!!
by justinswhooty37 December 27, 2010
The best girl on the planet! A white brunette who is always by your side and does not mind spending every day with you. She will make you feel special, and does not judge on appearance alone, but takes the time to get to know you. She loves to cuddle and has very few requirements for a boyfriend, other than he be mature, and have a nice bum. Once you have her, she will play hard-to-get even though she wants your affection as much as you want hers.
Emmalee: *Pokes boyfriend in the bum*
Boyfriend: *Shrugs* "I can deal with that.."
Emmalee: "Bum!"
Boyfriend: If you are going to touch my butt, you could at least give it a squeeze rather than just poking at it..
by bwoods130 May 01, 2013
An amazing chica!!!!! This is the best girl you will ever meet! She has a way of just brightening your day by just being herself. When shes poked unexpectly she'll go "EEP!!" and make your day ;) she is GOrGEOUS!! A hug from her is the best. I love Emmalee!!! :)
Have you met Emmalee??

Yeah!! Best and prettiest girl you'll ever know :)
by Shawnee132 October 19, 2013
The cooler, more sophisticated version of the name "Emily", as double names are becoming more popular. It also gets the parents out of picking a real middle name.
"Yo, what's you're name?"
"That's your first name?"
"It's part of it. It's actually Emma Lee."
by starrlee February 25, 2009
One who is more beautiful than they them self realize.
Girl, you're Emma-Lee.
by scoizzle June 24, 2012
A beautiful girl.
"Dude, she's such an Emma-Lee."
by LunabelleDara February 05, 2012

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