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An expression describing a really bad day or situation that one must escape. Also, the negative place one is in when one is being backed into a corner or given an ultimatum.
Namnanit...if I don't get out of this phone booth I am really go'n to hurt someone! better let me out of this phone booth before I scream!

Dude, if you don't step back, I will be bust'n out of this phone booth!
by Jane Nazrat March 18, 2010
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The nickname for a really slutty girl. She is called that because she is like a phone booth: anybody can get in her!
That girl Kaitlin is such a phone booth
by Ninjalo November 25, 2003
A movie about what Jack Bauer did in between the 4th and 5th seasons of '24'.
Bill Buchanan did not authorize Jack Bauer to trap Colin Farrell in the Phone Booth.
by rustyshackleford December 09, 2007
an actual glass enclosed telephone "booth" about 7'X3'X3' designed for having a 'private' conversation?? the fancier ones actually had a little seat, a switchable light/fan combo, and a small writing desk. sometimes i mourn for these when some ass-sucker (so sorry!!, VIP!) is all a-babble two feet from me on a 'soul' (cell) phone.
he stepped into the phone booth to ditch the police.

while talking to elizabeth, he affixed his gum to the bottom of the phone booth seat.

we were feeding slugs to the phone booth, then whapping the 'coin return' to get free calls.
by michael foolsley January 14, 2010
When in a remote location with poor cellular coverage, it's the one spot you can stand in where you can actually make a call.
There was no cell coverage on our camping trip, but I was able to find a phone booth at the corner of the woods.
by spiffmedic December 30, 2014

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