commenting, posting, and tagging someone excessively on facebook because you know they have phone notifications turned on and wish to FLOOD their phone with txt messages
We did some epic phone bombing of Drew's girlfriend last night. She is going to have SO many txts when she wakes up!
by Omar Churchill November 10, 2011
Top Definition
(v) When you, along with a few of your best bros, get together and decide to multilaterally mass text spam the fuck out of someone's phone to the point where their phone can no longer take it and just freezes. Sometimes done out of hate, but more often than not simply out of sheer enjoyment.
Matt: Hey Daniel, let's phone bomb Alec while he is at Rugby practice!
Daniel: Great idea! Let's hit him with the good old "T-I-T-T-I-E-S-!-!-!-( . Y . )".

-Upon returning from Rugby.
Alec: My inbox is full. Fuck you guys.
-Upon waking up the next day.
Alec: I woke up to another 27 text messages. That phone bombing sucked. You guys are dicks.
by TreeceDaBeast November 09, 2010
When your on the phone with your parents and morgan starts making out with your neck causing you to fuck up your conversation.
Morgan was totaly phone bombing me when I was talking to my grandma.
by Burnssss October 26, 2008

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