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Phoenix is officially the fifth largest city in America, but in fact, it's simply a massive expanse of concrete and tract housing. Phoenix is different from typical cities such as New York or Chicago in that it is entirely devoid of culture or night life. Many of its inhabitants resort to drug use (i.e. meth or prescription drugs) and conspicuous consumption to fill their empty lives.

The design of the metropolitan area, or lack there of, has allowed the area to sprawl outward in each direction for about 120 miles in each direction. Commercial and residential developments are massive and kept separate from each other, making it possible for the nearest post office, gas station, or grocery store to be several miles away and your house. Experienced drivers from real cities, will find Phoenix traffic unbearable as most native Phoenix residents have very poor driving skills with a particular affinity for speeding and tail-gating. Residents of new developments must wait years before traffic lights and additional lanes are installed on nearby major roads. Despite the multiple car pile ups that occur in Phoenix daily, the city still allows drivers to talk on their cell phone while driving.

The fast pace of growth has resulted in several social problems. New tract housing developments usually build there own elementary, junior, and even high schools. Consequently, there are an abundance of little independent school districts that receive little over-sight from the city and the means to properly educate students. The lack of social interaction between residents due to sprawl has led to an epidemic of meth addiction. Sprawl has also restricted police to patrol cars only. The police focus their attention on providing speeding tickets in areas with artificially low speed limits. Violent crime and particularly car theft are common.

The weather is very mild during the winter with warm days and cool nights. But it is extremely hot during the rest of the seasons, forcing everyone to live in air conditioning 24 hours a day for eight months of the year.

Phoenix can be divided into roughly four parts: the North, West, South and Downtown. The Northern part of Phoenix is comprised of the historically nouveau riche enclaves of Paradise Valley and part of Scottsdale which is actually designated as a city itself. The people from these areas like to flaunt their wealth but are in fact heavily in debt,; foreclosures and repossessions are not uncommon here. The Western and Southern parts of Phoenix are comprised of older tract housing...and pretty much nothing else. There is more foot traffic and higher commercial density in Tempe (Southern Phoenix) due to the presence of ASU's campus and the airport. However, the cultural activities and amenities in the area will never be mistaken for anything in a real city. For the most part, bars, fast food chains, and tattoo parlors mix in with older tract housing developments in the area. The downtown of Phoenix is absolutely dead. There are about 40 high-rise buildings that house government offices. These buildings are lit at night to lend a night-scape for the surrounding area during the evening despite the fact that no one is inside them.
Phoenix is a vast expanse of concrete and tract housing.
It you're from the North East, Miami, Chicago, or another real city and enjoy culture then don't move to Phoenix.
by bigd45 December 23, 2007
The nations 5th largest city and the fastest growing major city in America. Central Phoenix is home to the Phoenix Suns (US Airways Center) and the Arizona Diamondbacks (Chase Field). Sky Harbor airport is one of the busiest in the nation and is located just east of downtown. The south and westside of Phoenix are predominantly lower class Hispanic and black areas including south mountain village, manzanita, maryvale, sunnyslope. Surrounding suburbs of Phoenix include Tempe best known for its party atmosphere with the ASU students and Mill avenue where most people club and bar hop. Glendale is home to the new Arizona Cardinal stadium and Glendale arena, home of the Phoenix coyotes. Scottsdale is one of the upper-class areas located northeast of Phoenix where many of the rich and famous reside.
guy 1: I know someone who's movin out to Phoenix.
guy 2: Who isn't movin out to Phoenix man.
by PHXAZ June 28, 2006
The 6th largest City in the United States

Should never have been 4th or 5th.. Both Philadelphia and Houston are real cities anyway, Phoenix is a deserted urban sprawl.
-Hey did you know Phoenix is the 4th Largest city in the United States?

-Where is Phoenix isn't that a desert?

-It's actually the 6th Largest and its really just sprawl.
by StateMaster March 11, 2011
An attractive older woman who younger males find seductive. Similar to a 'cougar' but older or more attractive - to rise from the ashes.
She is one hot phoenix
by the lyrical genius May 12, 2010
Home to imbreeders, sexists, psychos and tweekers.
"I married my cousin in Phoenix".
by loveoflife1234 March 08, 2011
The state capital of Arizona and the 5th or 6th single-largest city in the country (depending on what census year used). Phoenix is not really a “city”, but a myriad of identical suburbs throughout Maricopa County; there’s no diversity, no distinct neighborhoods that you would have in older more crowded and diverse Coastal cites and Chicago, very poor public transportation, and you almost have to drive everywhere.

I’ve lived here for four years and don’t know what’s so great about it. What’s so great about 100-plus degree weather for months at a time? And the only things to do are golfing and hiking, which can only be done during the winter months. And don’t get me started on the people. I don’t find them to be friendly and relational, like in the South. Most people I’ve met have dull personalities and don’t act like they want to get to know you as a person. The people are hostile on the road and act like they own it. If your car breaks down, instead of helping you they drive by and give you the finger as if you caused a mere one-second delay on the road. In all honestly, the people just downright suck. They are basically southern California wannabees. There’s also too much air pollution. Too much crime. And there’s very few good jobs for the cost of living. The school system is awful and the state of Arizona ranks 50th in education. It is the ugliest most sprawled out city ever built, with miles of identical housing developements and strip malls. I find it to be a bad place to settle down and have a family. Sorry, you native Phoenicians, but all of this is true. However, the Phoenix area has a number of really cool restaurants (primarily in Scottsdale).

There’s more to dislike about Phoenix than to like about it, in my opinion.
Phoenix may have been one of Ameria's fastest-growing metropolitan areas for decades, but it is lousy to live and dull compared to the Coastal cities and Chicago.
by krock1dk February 21, 2009
The Phoenix is a mythical sacred firebird.
Said to live for 500 or for 1461 years, the phoenix is a male bird with beautiful gold and red plumage. The Phoenix was said to rise from ashes.
Phoenixs are cool, and thats why my online alias is lostphoenix / iPhoenix
by Rich Seeley iPhoenix August 21, 2005
A huge metropolis in Arizona with the population nearing that of the entire state of Indiana. Despite the mass amount of people, smog, sushi restaurants, HOA's, and Toyota Priuses, residents of the metropolis like to claim they live in the "Wild West", pretending because they are in Arizona they are a cowboy from a century ago. Ironically they think people in rural places such as northern Michigan or West Virginia as being freedom oppressed city slickers.
Phoenician: Welcome to Phoenix. Hope you can handle it here in the Wild West!

Transplant from non-Chicago Midwest: I'm not sure, I've never had to deal with HOA's and smog restrictions before. Where can I get some good sweet corn and a steak?

Phoenician: Not sure... but theres a good sushi place down the street, you can even carry a gun there!! Its the Wild West man.

Transplant: Ya... I could do that at home too... minus the sushi... what is this.. japan?
by ohiofarmboy November 24, 2010