Philpoligy is not so much of a religion but a relisation of reality and a way of life. A Philplogist is not trained nor cultured, but born a linguist.

Very few people show symptoms of Philpolis as it is a very rare blessing that affect the mouths of Few talented individuals. Symptoms include an uncanny and sometimes inhumanly quick response to any quick witted humor that may be directed at a particular philposaur and the comeback results in almost all cases, a response of which, it is impossible to react to and usually results in the demise of the instigator. Persons that may find themselves in contact with the 'philp' must adhere to the strict warnings prescribed to them previously and beware that they may find themselves in an uncontrollable fit of laughter and be at the mercy of such philposaur for extended periods of time.
Fuck that guy is halarious. What a philp!
by Quichey June 16, 2011
Top Definition
a joint that has more tobacco in it than marijuana. it is the opposite of a "spliph" (a joint with tobacco).
"holy shit that's a fat philps!"

"we're so damn poor we had to roll a philps."
by Jenn December 05, 2004
Sweetest, smartest, coolest, cutest, awesomest, bestest, nicest, hottest, GREATEST guy and bf ever! :-D
Phil is the best!
by Anonymous May 15, 2003
Cuming up someones nostrils
Im going to Philp you so hard!
by Quint Jones February 03, 2008
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