Subhumans that defend evil...and partying^
Defending evil and misbehaviour again...there's your philadelphians^
by JoeNJ2 April 19, 2011
Top Definition
We're from Philadelphia, also known as Philly, The City of Brotherly Love and the Birth Place Of America. We love our city and the people in it, although we will tell you off in a second if you don't come correct. We put on for our city every day and rep the 215 to the fullest. Although we may come off as rude sometimes, we are smart, good looking and are never scared. We do what others wish they could and We run it cause NO city got nothing on ours !!
Person: Are you from Pennsylvania
Me: No, I'm from Philly I'm a Philadelphian
by Philly-Boy June 06, 2010
A citizen of Philadelphia
She's lived here all her life. She's a true Philadelphian.
by Anne December 03, 2004
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