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The first expansion team to win the Stanley Cup. Defeated the Soviet Red Army team in 1975. Won two Stanley Cups back to back (1974-1975; 1975-1976).
The Philadelphia Flyers have won the Stanley Cup!
#hockey #flyers #philadelphia #score #1975
by Billy Taylor August 29, 2006
Normally a good hockey team. Had A let Down In in 06-07. They have possibly the best team in the NHL with offseason moves. Best Fans in hockey no doubt abou it
Man did you see the Philadelphia flyers game
Yeah they destroyed the Rangers 6-1
#fans #nhl #rangers #good #let down
by johnishot September 05, 2007
A hockey team that finished in last place in the 2006-2007 regular season. One of the finest in the NHL, posting a 2nd best overall winning percentage (2nd to Detroit). They will end up with either the 2nd or 1st draft pick this April and will have an ample amount of money (25 million) this off season. It is reasonable to state that the Flyers will "kick ass next season".
Did the Philadelphia Flyers just piss all over the Rangers?
#flyers #hockey #nhl #best #team #in #the #world
by JABBY! April 09, 2007
Very physical hockey team.

Part of the 1967 NHL Expansion, the Flyers were the first non-Original Six to win the Stanley Cup.
Most heated rival at the moment is the Pittsburgh Penguins.
2 Stanley Cups
Jack: Did you see the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers play last night?

Bill: Yeah when those two teams play the atmosphere is always great.

Jack: I really hate the Flyers

Bill: Me too.
#nhl #hockey #pittsburgh penguins #ice hockey #stanley cup
by natalie2987 October 18, 2009
A solid hockey team that plays dirty. Which is why that faggot Chris Pronger fits right in.
Hockey fan: Philadelphia Flyers are some dirty mofos.
#nhl #national #hockey #league #philadelphia #flyers #dirt #chris #pronger
by bloodredrage February 11, 2011
An NHL team in the worst market in the United States.
Play a solid game, but in a terrible area.
Have the worst fans in the NHL; they give up on and reject their team whenever they fall behind or don't do well. Then claim to be the best whenever they do anything remotely positive.
"Are you a Philadelphia Flyers fan?"
"No, how dare you insult me like that."
#nhl #hockey #phiadelphia #flyers #suck
by NHLrules September 03, 2011
a terrible whining team that sucks! they think they are tough but they are all woman-like. they will NEVER win another stanley cup.
The Philadelphia Flyers suck.
#hockey #suck #worthless #babies #eternal loseres
by sidney crosbyy babyyy May 09, 2008
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