The mastermind behind the world renowned Phil Hendrie Show. Has been on-air for sixteen years and is retiring from radio to pursue television acting. June 23rd is the last show!
The Phil Hendrie Show is funny as hell!
by Steagles June 05, 2006
Top Definition
The almighty kicker of asses. He is God. I only wish i had 6.95 a month to subscribe to his bible. If you have not listened to him, you will probably go to hell. Every single night you will laugh too much.
And on the 6th day god created man. Then he rested whilst listening to KFI los angeles. After hearing his greatest creation, Phil Hendrie, he proceeded to laugh, and it was damn good.
by Phil shot the DC sniper January 28, 2004
A radio personality out of LA. He does the voices of many characters. Then he proceeds to interview himself, being the character and him. If you don't know who he is, you should, it is AMAZING. BOOYEAH!
Phil Hendrie said I could pound sand up my ass.
by BrettyH February 18, 2003
The all knowing radio god who pwned Tom Leykis like none other.
I decided to listen to Phil Hendrie because Tom Leykis is a deuch.
by Not Tom Leykis April 28, 2005
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