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4 definitions by BrettyH

A radio personality out of LA. He does the voices of many characters. Then he proceeds to interview himself, being the character and him. If you don't know who he is, you should, it is AMAZING. BOOYEAH!
Phil Hendrie said I could pound sand up my ass.
by BrettyH February 18, 2003
75 13
A sexual act. When one person eats a graham cracker, chews it up, and spits it out on to their knuckles. Then jams their knuckles in a punch like motion into the ass/anus region of their partner.
If I was lucky tonight, Suzy might give me a grahmar.
by BrettyH February 13, 2003
3 2
When four seperate men grab four metal poles. They proceed to shove them up a person's ass, and each of them run in a different direction.
Joe was behaving in such a manner that would constitute him receiving an anus stretcher.
by BrettyH February 13, 2003
14 17
What a retarded person with a lisp says they blow when they poop too hard.
"Oh No! I blew my owings!"
by BrettyH February 13, 2003
6 15