The top fraternity at San Diego State University. The California Phi Iota chapter of Phi Kappa Theta is called Phi Kap for short, and also referred to as "The Bra" by active members.
I'm so excited to go to Pandemonium at Phi Kappa Theta tonight, its the best party of the year!
by The Greek Community December 01, 2007
Top Definition
National Fraternity founded in 1889. They pride them self’s on 4 Ideals Fraternal, Intellectual, Social and Spiritual. This fraternity though it dates back to 1889 was not officially called Phi Kappa Theta until 1959 when the merge of two Greek letter catholic fraternities (Phi Kappa and Theta Kappa Phi) happened. "Only the best since 1889!"

Phi Kappa THeta, Phi Kaps, Thetas,
by GMU PHI KAP April 18, 2006
awesome fraternity, true brotherhood
Phi Kappa Theta is for life
by phi kapp May 03, 2005
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