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International Honor Society for two-year colleges. If you join, there are benefits available ONLY to members, and it is NOT a scam. You must be enrolled in a regionally accredited institution offering an associate degree program;
you must have completed at least 12 hours of coursework that may be applied to an associate degree (part-time students may be eligible);
you must generally have a grade point average of 3.5;
you must receive an invitation to membership from the chapter at the college where presently enrolled;
you must adhere to the moral standards of the society.
Phi Theta Kappa members enjoy the benefits of scholarships and admittance to colleges on distinguished terms open only to them.
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by Tadoe May 12, 2011
Getting only a little high
I have shit to do so I'm only going to get twitch high
#little #small #a bit #a wee bit #itsy bitsy
by TADOE April 11, 2015
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