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A Secluded Dublin 15 location where a select group hang out and partake in illegal activity on a distgustingly frequent basis.
Headin down pheno?!
by Nbennett January 08, 2009
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The abrievation for Phenotype;The animal that a therian/were is conected to.
My pheno is a leopard.
by No one May 30, 2003
adj. (fee-no)
awesome, cool, rad, sweet.
Person 1 - "dude i just got a new car!"
person 2 - "no way!? Pheno!!"
by shannnnnon b. March 18, 2008
homo, lack of intelligence, sucks at spelling, gimp, newb
Lost 2nd grade spelling contest at age 19
by Anonymous January 19, 2003

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