Top Definition
a big booty
Damn look at shawty phatty
Damn ma u gots a phatty
a large, fat butt that jiggles when you walk
Dang, that girl got a phatty!!
by taijel July 11, 2005
a girl with a vulumptcious bottom
damn look at numba 9, she gots a phatty
by Allie and Marissa November 09, 2007
Marijuana slang term used in various contexts. 1:(n) Large joint or blunt. 2:(adj) Highly satisfactory.
1:"Yo, pass me that phatty"
2: "Damn dude, that is a phatty bong"
by a_bortion May 03, 2005
a big fat d00b or blunt.
I just blazed a phattym I'm soooooo ripped.
by OlafBerserker August 16, 2004
a large cannabis cigaret
me and timmy sparked up a phatty last night
by XtheOG June 14, 2016
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