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A pussy that has very large and puffy lips, and, when wearing the right panties or pants, shows off an awesome camel toe.
"My wife has the phatest of phat monkeys!"
by industrialfan71 April 10, 2008
61 6
a term use to desrcibe a woman with large pussy lips. pussy lips remind you of chimps lips. best viewed when she is bending over or laying flat on her stomach.
porn star Olivia O'Lovely. da chick got a "phat monkey"
by jugyy January 11, 2006
52 14
A Phat Pussy that view on the side looks like a pair of plump monkey lips
"Man i was getting it on with this chick and dam she and a Phatmonkey.
by Phatmonkey killer July 14, 2011
5 0