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A nickname originally made for a particular Asian kid. A big deal was made for coming up with the nickname. Eventually Phammo came out and it was good. Now the one known as the original Phammo lives in Florida, USA. His entity is protected by a abstract field miles in radius. His forcel from his mewclaw is dangerously volatile and will implode if harm is done to him.
Yo, Phammo! What a herb!
by Ultrantar February 22, 2005
An 18 year old guy (2004) who happens to be a crazy Asian (vietnamese). He loves to frick, grow long claws, and is filled with a passion for video games. He is nearly indestructible due to the great protection of his Mewclaw and Forcel.
A tasty wench lays on top of Phammo, and he drills her with his Mewclaw.
by ZeroblastR May 14, 2004
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