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8 definitions by ZeroblastR

n. the energy consisted within an entity which contains incredible abilitites. Each type is dependent on its user. A massive amount that is summoned could cause severe damage to the user.
Phammo summons his forcel from the Mewclaw.
by ZeroblastR May 14, 2004
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one of the master generals of Forcel Co. When Icexibex was a child, a great phenomenon occured in him, causing a device known as BreeZe to develop and attach itself to his body.
Icexibex was once able to destroy an entire fleet by using his forcel through the Sword of the White Forest.
by ZeroblastR May 16, 2004
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one of the master generals of Forcel Co. When Ultrantar was a child, he was chosen by a device named BreeZe to accept its replicate, ZephyR.
The one who was able to defeat some of the greatest legions of the eternal nemesis of Forcel Co was Ultrantar.
by ZeroblastR May 16, 2004
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the team which leads the forcel users. The master generals of Forcel Co are Icexibex and Ultrantar.
The global city of Zyncess was saved by Forcel Co.
by ZeroblastR May 16, 2004
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a hidden fortress surrounded by a wintry environment accessible only by forcel users. A great weapon known as the Sword of the White Forest was secretly hidden within the fortress and was obtained by one named Icexibex. The White Forest is also the headuarters of Forcel Co.
The dangerous weather around the White Forest can be easily subsided by those who use Snow forcel.
by ZeroblastR May 16, 2004
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a city on the home planet of Forcel Co where the forcel users often come to reload and stock up on weaponry and ammunition.
Zyncess was almost destroyed by an accident caused by a gas leak.
by ZeroblastR May 17, 2004
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n. the appearance of crossing the index and middle finger together separated with the pinky crossed with the ring finger together which summons the forcel of Phammo. The index and pinky is crossed underneath pointing towards the center where the forcel is summoned. The index and pinky become firm from the forcel pushing out against the middle and ring finger. All the fingers begin to tremble from the forcel. The forcel then acquires maximum force and breaks the fingers apart, at which point the Mewclaw is unleashed with great forcel.
Phammo used the Mewclaw when he killed the wenches.
by ZeroblastR May 14, 2004
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