Phace can be used to replace any word. It can be used to call some one a name or just inplace of anything.
Kinda like you Phace uh
"Your ugly" person
"your phace is ugly" you
by L0x March 09, 2005
Top Definition
It means face.
The "ph" makes an "f" sound.
You have a really ugly phace.
by FDKIJDFGJKLFG*$%#$(%* February 12, 2008
a dyslexic person's face
Shirley: "Omg look at her face!"
Lee: "She's totally pulling a phace"
by Leeskiess July 20, 2009
Phace is a word created by L0x. It's commonly used to ward off poserlicious losers, like people younger than you and I. Phace pwns words like "fat" and "face" and sometimes even "fone" when spelt incorrectly.
Your phace! oooooooooh
by bs0l March 09, 2005
Offten used after shuting someone down or embarassing them. Used to end a blaze.
"You got a big head...Phace"
"you are damn ugly...Phace"
by Evolution16 July 12, 2005
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